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Sector: Metalworking

Certain metals, such as iron or nickel, are ferromagnetic. Workpieces made of ferromagnetic metal are ideally suited for being attached, secured or transported with magnets. Take advantage of this fact to improve efficiency in metal processing workflows and utilise magnets for welding work, production lines or at a workshop in general. Benefit from our wide range of industrial magnets, such as welding magnets, lifting magnets, neodymium magnets, pot magnets, ferrite magnets, magnet systems in various sizes and magnetic accessories for the workshop.

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Popular magnets for metalworking

Magnetic accessories for daily workshop tasks

Production workpieces are sometimes unwieldy, and accessories have proven valuable for proper handling. Magnetic tools are particularly useful in the metal processing industry. Save time when welding by precisely aligning iron components with welding magnets or simplify the transport of larger components made of ferromagnetic metal with lifting magnets. Magnetic pick-up tools and magnetic collectors make it easy to pick up lost bits, screws, cuttings and other small pieces of iron, even in hard-to-reach places between machine parts.

Neodymium magnets

In our assortment, you will find strong neodymium magnets in various sizes and shapes. Even tiny ones have a high adhesive force. If you need strong neodymium magnets that are significantly more heat-resistant than standard neodymium magnets, we recommend our high-temperature magnets made of neodymium.

Pot magnets

Top-selling categories for metalworking

Lifting magnets
Magnets for lifting ferromagnetic loads
Screw-on countersunk pot magnets
For fastening with a countersunk screw
Magnet systems
Rubber-coated magnets in various designs
Disc magnets
Up to 140 kg adhesive force

Also discover our magnet finder! Thanks to many available filter options, the magnet finder from supermagnete.es makes it easy for you to find all magnets with the desired characteristics in our assortment.

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Huge magnet inventory

supermagnete.es offers a large selection of super magnets, including a wide range for your metalworking business. Our warehouse is geared towards long-term availability. Thanks to our inventory of more than 40 million magnets, we are generally able to deliver immediately and in large quantities.

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Our suppliers include various manufacturers who produce magnets of consistent quality. Since we buy in bulk, we can offer you an attractive price-performance ratio. We would be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer.

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We attach great importance to the fast shipping of your order. Your delivery is checked twice before it is sent, packaged securely and shipped by Swiss Post or Lamprecht Transport AG.

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Additional information about magnets and magnetism

Do you have questions about handling magnets? In our online guide, you will find a large collection of FAQs, useful tools, glossary entries and magnet data.