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Magnetic tape - for labelling, highlighting and marking

These strongly magnetised tapes (also known as magnetic strips, marking tapes or simply magnetic tapes) come in various widths and many different colours and can be used to flexibly label steel shelves, metal cabinets and drawers, etc. They are a colourful eyecatcher on a whiteboard and on magnetic paint. You can cut the tapes to the desired size with regular scissors, and they are easy to write and print on. Please review our extensive FAQ about the characteristics of magnetic tape.

Tip: If you would like to attach non-magnetic objects to ferromagnetic surfaces, then magnetic adhesive tape is the right choice for you. With the self-adhesive magnetic tape, it is possible to affix objects to metal surfaces as needed.

Please note: Magnetic tape is not a suitable surface for magnets. The perfect choice for that purpose are our metal strips and ferrous tapes / metal tapes.

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