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Speaker box with magnetic leg

Worldwide the lightest of its kind
Author: Markku Pietinen, Kauniainen, Finland
Online since: 26/02/2019, Number of visits: 107224
Designed and hand made in Finland, TOOB is a family of ultra-light speaker cabinets for amplified musical instruments, principally guitar and bass.
Introduced in 2017 and weighing from 3,9 kg to 4,6 kg depending on the model, TOOBs are in use in a dozen countries already, from USA to Japan. While the weight saving against conventional cabinets is up to 70%, the tone gets consistent praise from users. Professional musicians, relying on public transportation in urban areas, constitute a major part of them. Telescopic versions, fitting in a suitcase or even a cabin bag, have been developed for the globe-trotting artist.
The name comes from Thinking Out Of the Box. The heavy plywood box has been replaced by extremely light, yet strong and impact-resistant Polypropylene pipe used in vast quantitites by the construction industry. A high-quality 10” or 12” Neodymium speaker is attached with a bespoke clamping rim.
The original steel wire stand now has a practical alternative. This removable wooden leg (depicted) is called MagLeg. There is a strong pot magnet from supermagnete attached to the wood; on the speaker box is a metal disc as a counterpart, which ensures that the stand can be secured and when necessary removed. The MagLeg – like the overall design and several details by TOOB - enjoys EU-wide protection by EUIPO.
This close-up view shows the MagLeg and how the countersunk pot magnet holds the wooden leg on the speaker box. You can find more information on TOOB at www.toob.fi. Inquiries can be sent directly to [email protected].

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