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Magnetic board square

made from 0,8 mm thick steel sheet, 40 x 40 cm, in different colours

Article ID MB-11
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A sophisticated square magnetic board, available in various styles: either powder-coated in different colours or as simple stainless steel. Colourful cards or decorative magnets (accessories linked below) are especially accentuated on the black model. Please avoid dragging the magnets across the powder-coated boards to prevent scratching the board surface.

The magnetic board comes with ten silver-coloured mini magnets ‘Steely’. We also carry these mini magnets LIV-44 in four colours in our shop. If you would like to order additional silver-coloured magnets, we recommend the neodymium disc magnet S-06-04-N.

Included in the delivery: 1 magnetic board, 10 strong disc magnets, 4 screws and 4 wall plugs for mounting.

Technical data

Article IDMB-11
Length40 cm
Width40 cm
Thickness0,8 mm
Weight1,2 kg

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