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Plastic cable ties 540 x 7,60 mm

locking head, set of 100, in different colours

Item number CAT-11
Unit of Sale 1 set
1 set 49,60 EUR/set
incl. VAT plus shipping

49,60 EUR

incl. VAT plus shipping

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Bye-bye cable clutter! With these natural-coloured (slightly transparent white) or black standard cable ties, you can keep things tidy. The practical plastic cable ties with a length of 54 cm are not only suitable for bundling or securing cables and wires. You can also use cable ties in a variety of ways around the home, workshop or camper. They are easy to use, sturdy and have a locking head that, once closed, can not be opened again.

Technical data

Article ID CAT-11
Length 540 mm
Width 7,6 mm
Thickness 1 mm
Bundle diameter 156 mm
Material PA6,6
Weight 700 g/set

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