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Vase without support

A decorative vase for design-conscious individualists
Author: G.D., Gembloux, Belgium
Online since: 10/02/2010, Number of visits: 425970
With this magnetic vase you can bring a hint of design and mystery to your flat. The vase accentuates the flowers and despite its small diameter - as if by magic - it is totally stable on your table. This effect will not be lost on your visitors!

Required material for each vase:

  • a tube made of aluminium, copper or chrome steel, approx. 20 cm long and a diameter of 15 mm (=the future vase)
  • a strong glue, e.g. UHU MAX REPAIR
  • a S-10-10-N disc magnet
  • a tube of sanitary silicone sealant
  • a thin metal plate (ca. 10 x 10 x 0,1 cm)
  • a piece of plastic hose


1. Glue the disc magnet into the plastic hose.
2. Put a silicone plug about 2 cm deep into the metal tube. That ensures that the vase doesn't leak. Let it dry well.
3. Glue the magnet-hose-combination on the bottom of the metal tube. Let it dry well.
4. Fill the vase with water and add flower and decoration.
5. Place the metal plate on the table, put a table cloth on the table and the vase on it.
The vase seems to stand stable on the table on its own.
The vase seems to stand stable on the table on its own.


The whole setup looks even more artful on a thin glass table. You can place the vase on the table and affix it with another disc magnet of the same type on the bottom side of the table. Very subtle and surprising!
Please make sure you don't move the magnets on the glass - you might scratch the table.
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If you are not the DIY type, you can buy very similar vases in our online shop:

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