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Untangle cables

Finally no more cable clutter!
Author: anonym, Hombrechtikon
Online since: 29/04/2010, Number of visits: 389040
Table of Contents

Magnetic cable organizer (vertical)

Idea from customer Markus Laire from Finland:
You can use the bottom side of any shelf to neatly hang cables: Just attach one or more strips of self-adhesive metal tape 35 mm to the bottom of a shelf, press on firmly, and place discreet white magnetic hooks FTNW-16 on the tape. Now you can conveniently sort and hang up your cables.
Note from the supermagnete team:
Addition by Andreas zum Winkel from Germany:
Thanks to an iron bookend, 2 screws and 6 small hook magnets BD-FTN-10, I was able to end the cable mess inside my drawers. I screwed the bookend upside down to the desk and attached the hook magnets.
Now the cables can be looped through the hooks. A simple and practical solution.
Neodymium rod magnets S-05-08-N can also be utilised on the bookend. Use them to easily attach USB and similar plugs.

Magnetic cable organizer (horizontal)

Addition from customer G.C. from Switzerland:
I have an external screen and a mouse that I can connect with my laptop. But I often have my laptop in my bag, which leaves cable clutter on my desk (4 different cables).
In order to change that I placed W-05-N cube magnets along the stem of my metal desk lamp. Now, I can attach almost every cable to a cube magnet (see picture below).
Only the Internet cable is not magnetic, so I cut off the tip of a paper clip and attached it to the Internet cable with some adhesive tape. Now, also the Internet cable adheres to a magnet.

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