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Storing strong magnets

These methods are well suited for storing strong magnets
Author: Heinz Pahle, Offenbach, Germany
Online since: 22/11/2018, Number of visits: 122117

Quick storage solution

When magnets (in this case Q-20-20-10-N) are removed from a certain project and need to be stored, the question arises "Where do you put them?". Simply depositing them on a surface will most likely go wrong, because the magnets attract each other even at a relatively large distance. They are bound to collide and it is even possible that small pieces could break off.
It is quite obvious that the plastic spacer rings need to be reutilised and placed between the magnets just as they were at the time of delivery.
But, holding a “row” of magnets, positioning a plastic ring, then adding the next magnet is difficult to do with just 2 hands. Using a plastic (or aluminium) angle bar makes things a lot easier. Proceed as follows: Place a magnet, then add a plastic ring which will easily stay in the track if you tilt the bar slightly upright. Place the next magnet and repeat as necessary.
After storing a few magnets, the entire “row”, including the plastic angle bar, can easily be held in the closed right hand (if you are left-handed please reverse accordingly). Using your left hand, place a plastic ring in the track, holding everything at a slight angle, so that the ring touches the magnets. Now, still using your left hand, bring the next magnet closer and, voilá, it is in its place. The plastic ring prevented anything bad from happening (such as a collision for example).

But the real problem …
… is the beginning of the process. How do you force a single magnet to stay on the plastic angle bar? The solution: A small wooden block can be useful in this situation. Of course, all dimensions have to match (here 20 x 20 x length, in mm).
Imagine that 4 of the 5 magnets were removed, leaving only one. The entire assembly, i.e. wood and one magnet, can be held with the right hand just as easily as an entire row of magnets (including spacer rings). Everyone can decide for themselves at what number of magnets the wooden block is no longer necessary.

Storage solution from the 3D printer

Additional comment from customer Joachim Kuchenbecker, Haan (Germany):
With my last order I brought home strong block magnets Q-50-15-15-N. You will be familiar with the problem of storing and handling several magnets. It is not difficult when the magnetic forces are small, but it is an entirely different story with those magnets mentioned above. It is easy to suffer painful bruises and injuries when separating or joining them together.
That is why I printed small containers with a 3D printer, which provide greater separation and a better grip. Now it is possible to separate or join the magnets without much effort and with a significantly lower risk of injury.
Note from the supermagnete-team:
Another possibility for the resourceful storage of magnets can be found in the application Board for magnet storage.
We also offer sturdy protective cases with cubed foam inside which are suitable for safe magnet storage as well.

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