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Sample board for kitchen renovation

Arrange samples with magnets
Author: Anna Aeschbacher, Switzerland
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Sample board

I had to create a sample board with materials for a renovated kitchen for a school project, for which a few thin disc magnets with a 10 mm diameter came in handy.
The magnets are attached to the backside of the material samples, so they may be moved around on the board.
The different samples on the board can be pushed off through the hole in the bottom of the board.
The magnets firmly secure the samples in place. I glued a magnetic synthetic resin plate to the bottom of the sample board to which the magnets adhere well.

Kitchen model

Part of the project was to build a model of a renovated kitchen, for which small disc magnet were the right solution as well. On the top left (roof pitch) you can see two magnets.
The roof, which also features magnets, can be quickly secured or removed.