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Recoil protection during yarn production

Prevents recoiling of yarn on the roller
Author: Trützschler Switzerland AG, Matthias Meier, Winterthur, Switzerland
Online since: 18/04/2017, Number of visits: 165336
The company Trützschler Switzerland AG with headquarters in Winterthur fabricates machines that produce plastic yarn (PP, PA, PET). Part of these machines is a winder that recoils the produced yarn onto cardboard tubes. This happens at up to 3 600 m per minute.
A) Roller / B) Recoil protection
A) Roller / B) Recoil protection
We have developed a recoil protection for the new winder, which reports to the control system if by accident the yarn is recoiled onto the roller (A) and not the cardboard tubes. The protection consists of a swiveling iron sheet (B) that sits just above the roller.
B) Recoil protection / C) Sensor
B) Recoil protection / C) Sensor
If yarn accidentally recoils onto the roller, it increases the diameter of the roller and the protection sheet (B) is pushed away. A sensor (C) notices this and reports to the system control.
D) Magnets
D) Magnets
In order for the recoil protection sheet not to swivel away, it is held in place by magnets (D). Hence, it takes some power to trigger the recoil protection. After fixing the problem, thanks to the magnets the iron sheet can be put back into its original position.
The magnets used are 6 small screw-on pot magnets (CSN-10) from supermagnete.es. They fit well into the design and have a combined adhesive force of 7,8 kg.

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