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Picture frames made of magnetic tape

Minimalistic picture frames for pretty cards
Author: C. Egli, Winterthur, Switzerland
Online since: 21/04/2016, Number of visits: 236829
All my kitchen cabinets are white and magnetic and therefore the perfect surface for magnets. After years of hanging up cards, notes, etc. with neodymium magnets, I got bored with it. Additionally, I find it dangerous to use strong magnets due to the danger of swallowing - I have small children.

Thin magnetic tape for postcards & photos

I looked around and found out that coloured magnetic tape (available in many colours) are perfect for making minimalistic frames for nice cards.
For this picture I used two pieces of magnetic tape 10 mm in a matt grey as a frame.
I cut the magnetic tape with scissors to the desired length and then pressed it flat until it was no longer warped.
I intentionally cut the tape a little longer than the picture. This way it adheres better too.
The purple matches the colour of the writing on the birthday card.
The same with this card from the Scottish Highlands. The frame turns it into a real eye-catcher.
I also tried this on my wall that I covered with magnetic paint, but the adhesive force of the magnetic tape is not strong enough on that surface, so I continue to use super magnets there.

Wide magnetic tape for thick cards

For thicker cards or cardboard it takes a 2 cm wide magnetic tape so the card doesn't slide down. I especially like the colour contrast between pink and green.

Magnetic tape instead of adhesive tape

But you can also use pieces of the 2 cm wide magnetic tape like an adhesive tape - with the difference that it doesn't damage the card.
I think the strips of this coloured magnetic tape would look very good on a black magnetic board as well.

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