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Liquid Levitation Sculptures

Gorgeous floating sculptures
Author: pe lang, Switzerland
Online since: 07/07/2008, Number of visits: 414159
Liquid Levitation Sculptures are liquid sculptures that float freely. This is possibly through controlled magnetic fields that are calculated by a micro-controller. The sculptures differ individually, but are similar in size and basic shape.
© pe lang
© pe lang
The density of the fluid is comparable to that of motor oil. A sculpture is approx. 9 cm in height and has a diameter of approx. 4,5 cm. The weight varies from 80 - 100 g.
© pe lang
© pe lang
The sculpture is composed of sphere magnets of various sizes wrapped in liquid ferrofluid. The sculpture is kept suspended in the air with the help of an electronically regulated electromagnet (see above picture).
What else has been invested: 20 pairs of gloves and a bunch of nerves :-)
© pe lang
© pe lang
This work by pe lang was exhibited at the Swiss Art Awards in Basel (2007).
You can find many other fascinating projects on the artist's website: www.pelang.ch
The copyright for all pictures and the video on this page remains with the artist.

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