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Levitation with copper

Levitating magnets: A tutorial including sample video and PDF
Author: Santi Vilchez, L'Hospitalet, Spain
Online since: 17/11/2011, Number of visits: 336766
A beautiful and uncomplicated construction to demonstrate magnetic levitation. It fits perfectly into our customer application collection on the topic of Levitation.

Material needed (see picture for details):

  • A plastic pipe
  • 2 rods of pyrolytic (pure) copper
    Attention: Doesn't work with non-pyrolytic copper!
  • 1 rod of soft-magnetic iron
  • 1 S-30-15-N disc magnet
  • 3 S-15-05-N disc magnets
  • Gasket rings

Demonstration (Spanish):

This pdf (Spanish) is an excerpt from the magazine "Investigación y Ciencia" from February of 2006, when this installation was introduced.

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