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Hide the fuse box

How to make an ugly fuse box into a real eye-catcher
Author: J. B., München, Germany
Online since: 15/07/2008, Number of visits: 240846
Browsing through the customer application pages, I came up with my own little "application": Beautify the ugly fuse box in our flat with picture frames.
With the help of some W-05-G and W-05-N magnets, which hang around on every other "magnetic" object in my home, I just mounted two fitting picture frames on the fuse box door made out of metal sheet.
The application is very simple, but I still tell you, because
  1. It can really beautify not very pretty fuse boxes or the like.
  2. It is a way of hanging up pictures without the common blue thumbs, bent nails, crooked pictures and holes in the wall with the advantage of being totally removable.
  3. Sometimes you don't think about the easiest things.
Anyway, per frame you attach seven times two of the small cubes (colour doesn't matter) to the metal hooks on the back of the frame. Then, you just let the pictures "click" onto the fuse box door.
In my case, I used frames with the dimensions 30 x 40 cm (approx. 700 g with the glass). So, a 10 mm total height of the individual magnet towers is ideal, since the back of the frame is usually a little bit set back towards the glass.
Also, the number and strength of the magnets is more than sufficient. However, since I have parquet floors beneath the pictures, I wanted to be overly cautious.
To change the pictures in the frames or to totally remove them, quickly peel them off the fuse box. This way, the magnets remain in their positions on the metal sheet, so you can reattach them again easily.
By the way: I have two maps from www.worldmapper.org hanging there, which depict the countries of the world, but not in their actual size/area, but weighted by their performance in a certain topic (in my case, on top is the distribution of HIV and below is the wealth measured by the GNP) ...