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Hanging loudspeakers on a TV stand

How loudspeaker boxes can be easily moved with the furniture
Author: T. Murer, Uster, Switzerland
Online since: 27/10/2021, Number of visits: 42975
As a TV stand for our sitting room, we decided on a self-designed sideboard with sheet metal covering from Flexcube. We added castors so that we could easily move the furniture around the room. The only downside: The sideboard was too small to be able to place the loudspeakers on it, and we always had to manually reposition the speakers. To make life easier, we tinkered to find a flexible way of attaching the loudspeakers to the TV stand. And this is what the result looks like:

Magnets work great as a flexible mounting solution. They can be easily attached in the right spot on the furniture or the loudspeaker. The speakers each weigh 4 kg, so they are not exactly lightweight. To have enough magnetic force to keep the speakers suspended in the air, we purchased the following materials:

The metal strip from silwy serves as a surface for the magnets. We chose the model with the synthetic leather cover because it still looks nice when the speakers are free-standing every now and then.
To avoid scratching the sheet metal sides of the sideboard, we covered the disc magnets with rubber caps. Then we attached 10 magnets per speaker to the strip.
Note from the supermagnete team: The chosen strip from silwy is slightly thicker than other strips in the supermagnete assortment, which gives it better ferromagnetic properties.
As an alternative to the silwy metal strip with synthetic leather cover 50 cm, we also carry other self-adhesive metal strips in lengths of 50 cm and 80 cm in case you need a longer metal strip. Please keep in mind, that they will have different ferromagnetic properties.
The adhesive force of the ten magnets is enough to hang these 4 kg speakers left and right on the TV stand. Thanks to this simple and versatile mounting solution, we can remove the loudspeakers from the furniture and reposition them as needed. And, if we move the lowboard to a different spot in the room, the speakers simply come along. As an additional advantage, the speakers don’t scratch the floor and we don’t have any issues with cable clutter between the speakers and the television screen.

Note from the supermagnete team: Please keep in mind that the Flexcube lowboard shown here has sheet metal front covers and sides. These are ferromagnetic, which allows the magnets to stick. If your furniture does not have any metal or sheet metal sections, you will have to create a suitable adhesion surface for the magnets on the sides.
Safety tip: The neodymium magnets used here do not have any negative effect on your TV set, the TV box or DVD player. The disc magnets do not cause any loudspeaker noise interference. The utilised magnets have a static magnetic field that quickly weakens with distance. The speaker boxes work with a contained electromagnet that builds and oscillates its magnetic field with varying density from the sound signal. This drives an iron rod, the force of which then causes the speaker box membrane to vibrate. This also happens very confined in the coils of the electromagnet.

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