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Hanging a poster on a sloping ceiling

Magnets defy the unrelenting force of gravity
Author: Andy Winkel, Lauterbach
Online since: 21/01/2010, Number of visits: 133111
Your super magnets have ended a long-standing fight against the laws of physics!
After moving into a new house, I found myself in a state of deepest despair: Several sloping ceilings directly under the roof made it impossible for me to hang my posters. Tape didn’t stick, glass fell out of picture frames (with considerable damage to the parquet flooring).
I finally had enough: I screwed six small drywall screws into the wall plasterboard where I wanted the poster to be, held the poster in front and attached it to the screw heads with six disc magnets type S-08-03-N.
What a dramatic difference! The posters are holding well, won’t be damaged and can be changed easily.
And even better: When the paper starts to get wavy due to high humidity and “grows” sideways (see picture), it is easily pulled tight again. The magnets won’t be exactly in the corners of the poster, a fact that doesn’t bother me in the slightest, because they are almost unnoticeable anyway. What’s more, my application is extremely low-cost and can be completed in no time.
Now the Queen Mary 2 can happily sail along the sloped ceiling
Now the Queen Mary 2 can happily sail along the sloped ceiling

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