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Gift wrapping with a 3D printer

The creative way of gift-giving
Author: S. Huber, Rorschacherberg, Switzerland
Online since: 29/04/2020, Number of visits: 84007
My brother and his fiancée both celebrated their 30th birthdays this year. Her family and mine chipped in to give them an unforgettable balloon flight as a gift. I came up with a special idea for wrapping the gift voucher. To be more specific, I fashioned a «biscuit/toffee tin» in the shape of a hot air balloon.
I first designed the structure using a 3D drawing programme before printing it out in several colours on my 3D printer. In total, the balloon consists of five 3D print sections: balloon lid, balloon bowl, gas burner, basket and sandbags. All parts are connected with four curved threaded rods.
I glued two magnets S-03-06-N onto every section to secure the lid to the bowl with a little bit of adhesive force. The glue I used was Uhu Max Repair. To make sure I glued the magnets right-side-up into the drilled-out recesses and so that they would not repel each other by mistake, I checked the polarity beforehand with the in-house app from supermagnete.es. Even a small fluffy passenger turned up.
They were thrilled with the gift and with the balloon. Soon, the magnets were noticed too and on that evening alone the lid was taken off and put back on many, many times. Not just to get one of the chewy candies but also to feel the effect of the magnets. The above-mentioned magnets provide an almost perfect adhesive force for such a lid. Not too strong but also not too weak.
Note from the supermagnete team: Mr Huber also came up with the amazing project "Magnetic name tags made on a 3D printer".

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