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Acoustic insulation in the showroom

Fasten acoustic panels with pot magnets
Author: Z-AUDIO ANIMATEC AG, Russikon, Switzerland
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Our showroom

In this showroom we exhibit a large selection of our professional audio and lighting technology.

Acoustic insulation wall

The acoustic insulation wall that covers parts of our showroom improves the room's acoustic tremendously and helps us exhibit our speakers in a professional manner. Reflexions and bass cancellations are reduced considerably.

Fastening the acoustic panels

Normally, acoustic panels are glued together in large areas - with the disadvantage that it takes a lot of effort to revert the wall back to its original condition. Double-sided tape doesn't last long and often panels fall down.

Magnetic solution

Magnets provided us with a better solution.
We glued a few lanes of grey self-adhesive metal strips to the showroom's wall and ceiling.
We attached 3 pot magnets with screw socket to the backside of each acoustic panel so they would adhere to the metal strips.
In order to fasten the pot magnets, we pushed screws (on washers) through the frontside of the acoustic panels and screwed them into the pot magnets.
The screws on the washers remain visible on the frontside of the panel, but considering the size of the wall area you almost don't notice them.
We think this is a perfect solution!
Furthermore, the illuminated panels look really great!

Note about shear direction

The fastening of wall panelling as described above (with metal strips and pot magnets) requires low panel weight. If you want to try something similar, refer to our info page and test if the selected magnets will be able to hold the desired weight.
A solution with self-adhesive magnetic strips instead of metal strips would probably be able to carry more weight.

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